He lost his father when he was two years old and during the Nigerian civil war all the pictures that could have shown him what the father looked like was burnt, so till date he can’t figure out what his father looked like.

But he rose from extreme poverty, losing 4 of his siblings, going to school without shoes and today at 57 years old he is living his dreams, a beautiful wife, wonderful children and all he has to say is thank you Jesus for making his life a living testimony, you too my friend can be a testimony. In every glory there’s a story, find the story. #extraodinarystories of #everydaypeople #adakunwachinemere .


#yourdreamsarevalid #lifeisbeautiful #betruetoyourself #enterpreneur #itsallaboutentertainment #nigeriansgettingit #hustlelikeyoubroke

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