What being on tv taught me: you can’t let your mistakes stop you

There are things only experiences would teach you.
When you are on live #television you would know that the show must go on no matter what.

The light comes on you, the camera rolls, you are cued to flow and then you go live, you will just keep going until maybe you go for commercial break or another segment.

In this period you know that even though you were talking and made mistakes, you have to keep going because there’s no take two, it’s out there already, so you can’t worry about what’s gone wrong already but focus your energies on having a bam 💥 show.

However, you constantly have to be on top of the game at all times, in your head you carry your script, the most important is for you to have a strong introduction, have a body message and have a closing know the duration of the show, that would determine how long you would stretch the body of the message but for Television every word counts and we learn to edit ourselves while we talk.

14 months on live television with #Silverbirdtvph and every day is a new awakening and I have learnt that once the light comes on me and the camera go live I can’t let my mistakes stop me, you make mistakes you can’t ask them to do a take two so you just have to correct yourself and take the next lines or action and in the end your audience are forgiving, they will love you for how much you constantly grow.

Now when you make mistakes in life, don’t forget that you can’t let that stop you, keep going and correct yourself as you move.

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