Welcome to my web site, feel free to be exactly who you want to be…I love telling stories… my favorite stories are about ME! YOU & EVERYONE else.

My blog will tell stories of you, me and everyone else.

I will go to the very recess of your mind and tell intimate stories of everyday life…you think and I write.Some of the stories would be from my life experiences, my businesses and others will be from yours..


The stories will be raw and fresh; some will haunt you opening your mind to questions you rather leave unanswered; some will make you cry and laugh at the same time, while others will bring out the humanity in you….

I will be sharing my deepest thoughts and darkest secrets..then i will share some of yours as well, you can send me an email if you like yours shared.These stories would be geared towards challenging you to reach for gold and perharps push you to dream, knowing that in the midst of uncertainty their is definitely a way out. So! Lets make magic!

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