Untold stories: Grama Anayochukwu

Everyone one has a story, sometimes those incredible stories are never heard.

Meet my new best friend gramma Anayochukwu (let’s continue to beg God), I just met her, she has the cutest smile plus a very smoothing voice. Gramma  has one daughter who lives with her, their was no mention of a husband and she currently sells by the last bus stop before emenike by Ikwerre Road.

While she was cleaning the Achara for me a very well dressed lady passed by and she greeted her at first the lady ignored the greeting but the woman stood up and called her name then she turned and they exchanged greetings then she said she would never expect to see her there, then I ask why would that be, then she began.

She began to tell me how she had a very big shop some where in Olu Obasanjo Road where she sold shoes and handbags, she said she travelled to Ghana Togo and some other countries to get materials, they were okay stuff but grade one, some of her things sold as much as 15000- 20000 naira and she did the business close to 20 years… she said she could tell someone size by just looking at their feet and she always know how to find the right fit encouraging her clients to go for perfect fit and not just because they like the items.

But then she got sick, a sickness that nearly took her life, she said she was grateful to be alive and that was the most important thing, she called her landlord when it become obvious she could not continue and sold off her things and shot down the place, the money was channeled to saving her life.

Today she goes inside the market buy anything she can find and shade on the main road in order to find food to eat and pay transportation and come back to the market again.

Today she said it was special market cause she found achara and mango and she called out jokingly to costumers.

While I helped her peel the achara for my soup, I watched in awe at her joy, despite living from mouth to hand after being able to do business big time, she is still very cheerful and one of the happiest people I met today.

Everyone has a story!! Be kind, U never know what people endure daily to have a smile on their faces #untoldstories #adakunwachinemere

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