Unfuck Yourself

Unfuck yourself!!!

11.45pm it’s been a good night catching up. I want to go I can still catch taxi, no stay I want you here. Sitting by the edge of the bed, he slowly removed my sandals one at a time muttering “you are just a big baby” no am only a baby when am around you.

We moved to the chair nibbled on the fried rice he had bought that afternoon , after a while I was done but he kept eating the food did taste great with a yumminess that would leave you wanting more, but I said I can do better thhan this he said well I haven’t tasted your with food, your house is often scattered am like yea but that was years ago I make my bed every morning, oh really that’s good you have grown.

In many ways you have grown, we had dated a few years back in a revealing moment he said we never dated, in my shock am like what was it then, just sex having fun and I was in love with him at the time, we would spend awful lots of Time together doing heaven knows what but here he was telling me we weren’t dating what was it then, having fun, goofying around, you may be dating them but they are not dating you, so alwsys ask be clear about intention, you just be that one big great sex for him/her yet you have greAt conversation, so close u understand each other with signs and super nice to each other, what then is dating, anyways.

As if on cue, we hugged and melted into a kiss, his heart beat rhythmically increase then my heart start to dance to it rythm then he went a little lower caught my neck grabbing my bum as he graduated it was a sinful pleasure but my body loved it, wanted it gushed.. I screamed his name look what you do to me, he muttered in a rasp voice I love when your voice is this calm.. then I sank deeper pushing my body against his then he found my boob suckled like a bee on a honeycomb I lost reason, gave him the second one like a hungry lion be draw the two at once slowly but steady he moved in oh gush more anguish bittersweet it was pure pleasure as if on cue he spanked my ass couple of times, push me away and grabbed spanked again in surrender I became but vegetables seeing a thousands star unable to hold back I let myself go gush it was wild but he was just getting started, I stood up staggered away from him, where are you going, home why that’s the thing with you, you are so selfish in the middle of all of this you going away.. ehmm.. i can’t have sex now well then make me come, take care of your man well you are not my man well for tonight ehmm ….

Apparently we can’t talk about this, we can do it but we cant talk about how it made us feel but we can do it anyways.

Am learning to build characters, lead my audience on, ensure they read to the end, leaving them with tingling sensation making them gasp for air, did I succeed with this, well I think I did pretty well and you my friend were impressed hhehe , well you can argue with your forefathers… hahaha thanks for following me into the recesses of my mind.

You know what 🤔unfuck YOURSELF

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