The Easter Story

I was only six, when my mother began to take us to Sunday school,
fascinated by the bible stories. I particularly loved the story of
what happened on Easter Sunday, the man who died and rose, I wanted to
know more.

It was Easter Sunday, we had worn our best clothes, the teacher passed
on chocolates, eggs and made everyone to sit, then he began the story of f what happened on Easter Sunday, I didn’t touch my snack till the end.

He talked about his suffering, the crucifixion, death and his
resurrection. He told us, Jesus had suffered for his friends; I worried how one man could suffer so much.

It was early in the morning, Sunday just before the breaking of the
sun, He had been dead 3days, Mary Magdalene with her friends decided
to go and clean his body, but pondering who would roll the stone away,
as if in response to their prayers the tomb stone had been rolled
away, venturing in they discovered that the body of Jesus had gone.
And angels of the Lord said to them, why look for the living among the

Jesus revealed himself to Mary later that day, as well as his other
disciples and for 40 days he tarried with them.

Easter, is to resurrection, a confirmation of the father’s
immeasurable love to man, a knowing confidence that death could not hold him captive and of course the very foundation of our Christian

In Nigeria, Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Monday is held as a
national public holiday.

Some countries associate Easter with eggs, chocolate and lamb. Eggs
symbolize new life, as Jesus began his new life after his resurrection
on Easter Sunday, and cracked eggs are symbolic of an empty tomb.
Eating eggs was forbidden during the Holy Week. Instead, they were
saved, decorated and gifted to children.

The Christians use this period to reflect at the ultimate sacrifice
and admonish sinners to mend their ways and sober up, for the greatest
man who ever lived was without sin yet he laid down his life that man
might be reconciled back to the father.

The actual word ‘Easter’ does not appear in the Bible, and there are
not any early church celebrations mentioned, it is unclear how the
name Easter started, it appears that Easter, like Christmas, developed
later in church history.

However, the resurrection confirms that Christ is the hope of glory
and it was 3days after his death, on an early Sunday morning. Happy

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