About me

Hi there! 

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Adaku Nwachinemere. I live in Port Harcourt, Nigeria; the giant of Africa. 

I’m  a mystery wrapped up in sweetness and coated with mischief, never taking life too seriously but who follows methodically a strategy to achieve every goal I set my eyes on … I smile a a lot, I laugh a lot, I write a lot and this is my website.

I love my life and family is everything i have my sisters and my brothers, am single but I will  be married someday  when  the special one comes along.

I run my private business suppling construction materials and also does all kinds of awesome things that today work environment requires ..

I am a wanderer but not all those who wander are lost…Am a DREAMER and I like to inspire you to dream with your eyes open cause if you dream at night in the recess of your mind you will wake up and find out that the dreams is gone…

I love the rain and I have learnt to dance in the rain…so here  I am  offering you a miracle and hope that we can all make magic together… 

I am Magnet💪 A Dream Lover ❤️ A Business Person 💰A Creative Mind 🎨 and I am Proudly Nigerian. I  belive that Interracial love rocks.

Am a Chrisitian who belives in giving…. I believe in one world 🌎 no limits no boundaries and inspiring humanity is my true religion.

PS I had a dog named Stallion whom I loved so much but lost due to kidney failure 🙁 


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