Men who can kiss

The world needs more good guys who are great ass kissers: .

Kissing ass is not a show of weakness but an extreme mastery of power.
I have had a fair share of men who were good at kissing, but some stood out.
Ryan, Scott, obi are all great egs. Ryan was a slow kisser he said the world is his oysters what’s the point at rushing, so no matter wat you throwed at him he would look at you uninterested and continue what ever he was doing, often never raising his face.

Scott, in the midst of an argument would suddenly loose interest, agree with what ever you are saying just so peace would rain but then God help you to be right else he would sing it everyday.

Obi is the greatest of them all, he was gentle yet forceful, he never raises his voice but a single word would end the argument because like Scott he would agree with your bullish just so peace would rain. He said it doesn’t matter who won the argument but at the end let the job be done.

At a point the three men had worked with a terrible boss but he taught them all to be great at kissing, they took lots of bullshit knowing that the boss Terrible attitude had nothing to do with them, so they would smile in face of opposition, remove their eyes from ill treatments and focus solely on the goal, achieving common goal, they said was way more important. .

Today Scott, obi & Ryan each run successful business of their own. Speaking to scot recently I asked how he was able to surmount the period with his bad boss, he said once you realize it has nothing to do with you it was them, that would help you Guide against reactivity, keep your eyes on your vision. .

Staying unraveled is no mean fate but to be a great kisser you must start slow, build momentum while keeping the pleasure of your partner at Heart Ryan said.

The world needs good men who are great at kissing ass, they are the ones who make things happen because they have no time to waste on senseless arguments .

Being a great kisser doesn’t make you less superior than your partner but arms you with awful lots of power, you stay in control. Control is power #kiss #kissslowly #behappy

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