Cleaning is therapeutic!!

Cleaning out your space and keeping a tidy environment is therapeutic!

Some people may feel our immediate environment has no direct effect on our mood, behavior and reactions but I feel that to a large extent it does.

While a tidy space does not guarantee you happiness, it does in a way keep your thoughts flow and pattern tidy.

A few weeks back, i was feeling pressured on losing some contracts to a competitor over price war, I knew they were cutting corners, because it was almost impossible to deliver at the ridiculous price they were offering, it bothered me and I looked for ways to let my client understand the implications of what my competitors were offering, they were conniving with the store guys to deliver partial materials and all that anyways l lost the job, we had put in so much, it was time to move on and focus on other things but my thoughts were moving in many directions and I couldn’t get a grip of myself.

I went home one afternoon picked up my swimsuit and went to swim, it’s one of my favorite things to do, when I got back I entered the kitchen picked up our pots and started to scrub the back with sharp sand, it was mechanical I directed all my energy into doing a good job with that then I cleaned out the kitchen from corner to corner, cupboards, the gas, oven arranged the spoons and dried out the plates and I was pleased with the results.

While I was working my thoughts were centered on the now and as I continued I began to work out modalities on a new project and even how to do a better job with the contract we lost I can’t compromise on quality nor integrity but we can work around the huddles.

So when your thoughts become a hullabaloo of a mumbo jumbo, disjointed and you feel pressured take time and organize your space, start cleaning it out from one corner to another as you do that, you will notice your mind will become calmer and begin to contemplate solutions by the time you are done, the instant reward of seeing your work might be the jumpstart you need to confront the things bothering you.

What do you think about this, do drop a thought.

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