Branding with colors

Colors naturally play on our emotions, thus increase brand recognition up to 80%. Now the color you choose directly says something about your brand and also determine how people will perceive you.

So don’t just choose color because you like it, choose colors because you are passing a message and you are Communicating something to your audience.

Some colors say hey we are a vibrant brand and we love to do business with you.

Some colors say we are passionate, strong and fearless.

Some companies choose one color while some do a combination of two or three or more.

The first rule to choosing colors for your brand is knowing the kind of message you want to pass.

For us @silverbirdtv our message is all about entertainment so our blue and white colors says we are cool, trendy, urban and contemporary.

And the second rule would be it’s best to go with complimentary colors when choosing more that two colors.

Ultimately colors make your brand easily recognizable and leaves a lasting impression, once you have decided what your color is, consciously input it in all your communications until people come to associate your brand with that color.

So, yes use color coding to brand your business and definitely use it over time without switching from one color to another and don’t forget to input it in all your communications within your external and internal publications, including your environment.

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