5 Tips of Customer Retention

Getting new customers is a big problem for some companies while for some it’s a walk over. The bigger problem however is customer retention. How do companies retain their customers overtime to do business repeatedly.

Here are 5 tips on how you can retain your customers.

  1. Deliver on promise: This means that you are consistent with quality and quantity and that your product is reliable. When they come to buy the first time try are mostly coming to try out your product or service, if you do what you preached believe me, they will keep coming back.
  2. Solve problems before they escalate: If your customers complain to you that’s a gift, others would have walked away, so don’t argue with them, listen and offer solution, perhaps you can offer a refund as a last resort though, offer an alternative product or service ultimately ensure you solve their problems once you get wing of it.
  3. Have an Open Communication Line: it is very frustrating when you have issues and you cannot reach a company, some people will just walk away instead of paying the company a visit, so to avoid this, on point of purchase give them a dedicated line or email they can reach easily in case of issues, if you can afford it give them an account officer.
  4. Keep in touch: For some companies the moment they close their first sale with a prospect they stop selling. But this is when your marketing should start but this time is covert instead of overt. Cold call them, ask how they are doing, ask how they like your service and how you can make their experience better, remember special days and send specialized company items, send random emails when their is an update in your product line, offer new ways of using your old products/service.
  5. Reward loyalty: if you are blessed with customers who keep coming back, then always find ways to say thank you. You can offer discount to them from time to time, and if they recommend your product or services, take the time to reach out and say thank you.

Ultimately, stay in touch with your clients, if you do it right they will keep coming back which will invariably affect your overall revenue.

Don’t forget no one forgets how you make them feel.

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