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Chisco Nigeria: the worst company to haulage your big consignment

Chisco Nigeria is officially the worst company to use and carry big product… They are okay to pick small items from Lagos and distribute to other parts of Nigeria, but if you have big consignment something as small as 10 bucket of paint, or even two cartoons of female condom owned by another customer, they Read More

Zero startup Capital

My name is Adaku Nwachinemere, I love swimming, making money, making friends and sleeping. Am an excellent networker but I have a very small intimate circle. To me, family is  everything, my brother takes most of my photo hehe… I don’t use a lot of flitters I don’t really care for fine photos that much Read More

Confronting the Wolf

Do you sometimes have so much to give yet you are afraid to give in? Or perharps you just enjoy the solitary life even though you are surrounded by bees? This is me and on both counts am guilty as charged! Don’t get me wrong am hyperactive, fun and easy going, and ofcourse, i sure know Read More

Teaching kids the value of money: Day six.

Share long -term household financial goals. At every opportunity, my mother would explain to us the value of long term planning. When she and my father are putting money aside to get something really important for the family, they would let us know what they are doing. Often during the normal family gathering, my father Read More

Teaching kids the value of money: Day 5

Teach your Children about Choices in managing their money: My mother made sure we understood that we always have choices when it comes to money and what we wanted to do with our money. It is very easy to just buy things on impulse only to get home and find out that you have no Read More

Teaching kids the value of money: Day three.

Give your child an income My mother believed that by giving us an allowance that is to equal giving us an income, and she can also give us additional income by  attaching financial rewards to certain jobs within the house, especially if it was related to some of the family businesses.  She gives us allowance Read More

Teaching kids the value of money: Day two

Use Comparisons a Child Can Understand My mother often used items, figures, images, we can easily understand and identify with to teach about the importance of money management and understanding the Value of Money.  For my older siblings and even the younger ones, she recognized that talking about money may be abstract and difficult to Read More

Teaching kids the value of money: Day one.

Hi guys, I do hope you are in good health, once you are able to achieve excellent health, the next is usually financial freedom, and this is often something that is not taught at school.  So for the next ten days, I will be sharing timeless principles on how you can teach your kids the Read More

Do you make eye contact with strangers?

Hi guys, so I was standing by and this guy was passing by, I noticed he would steal a glance at me every now and then. suddenly I turned looked him straight in the eyes and smiled my brightest with a glowing transparent innocent eyes,I gave him my bewitching smile the kind I give when Read More

He was mean, could it be he liked you?

Are there times when expressions other than affection could be an indication of likeness or even deep love and respect. Could it be that his harsh words, mean actions means he likes you and can not quite handle himself around you. Sometimes does it seem like he does not  want to talk to you and can Read More

What kind of a mother are you?

My mum said it is wrong for a child to frown, you do not have anything worrying you so why should you frown, and even if something is bothering you, you should talk to mummy about it and she will take away the frown from you. So as kids when she sees you too quiet, Read More

My Father built a School with no money.

I like to think of my father as a man of extra-ordinary faith. Why would I be that crazy to think that his faith was radical?  I will tell you a story then you can decide. Flashback: My father was at the lowest point in his life; he had lost everything due to bad business Read More


Reflecting on my life, i would like to think of myself as a a super woman. Super woman? Is that even i thing, yea i know you are asking that question. Why would i want to do that, well because of how far i have come in my young life. As you know, well you Read More

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