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Is not all the time you meet people who treat you right without your demanding for it… when you do.. don’t fuck it up🤔 #lifethroughmyeyes Read More

Gratitude is like a bank deposit

Grama Willie was an Hausa woman who lived next house while growing up. She often hands out sweets and cake to kids who come to visit her. When she gives you things and you smile big and say thank you grama, she would give you more. She often said that gratitude is like a bank Read More

Do we care for the dead more than the living?

A man whom we can call Rollers had been sick, unable able to do much for himself. He called most of his friends to come visit him and help him get some drugs, they all said they were busy. Fast forward three month later the said guy passed on, all his friends whom he called Read More


Every once in a while, we get sidetracked, when you realize that you are veering off the tracks, do not stay there retract!!! Take your broken hearts, make it into an art. Make it a masterpiece filled with brilliant lights…so colorful that all others who look up to you can relate and find strength to Read More

Proudly Nigerian

Former president Olusegun once mentioned that every Nigerian is corrupt or potentially corrupt and current president once mentioned that Nigerians are criminals but later debunked the claims of never calling Nigerians criminals, and the west said we were poor and a people with no culture. Well what they failed to mention is that every Nigerian Read More

Meeting Social Media friends in Passing

You know, from time to time, I get bumped into by my friends on Facebook who sometimes I don’t even know, some will recount a really interesting post I made, some will also talk about how real i am, how quiet, how really more beautiful and lovely I am in person 🙄😋awwwww😜. One man saw Read More

Chandeliers and water fountain

I found this duo interesting and I thought I share it with you. Have a looo and let me know what you think. With Christmas in the air, have you made special plans, do share with us, and much later  I would share some of my Christmas experiences with you. Read More


If you have life, be happy and be anxious for nothing. This two life depends on one another. My heart is filled with pain each time I have to watch this video. I thought I shared with you, so that when you think your life is difficult, you remember what they have to go through Read More


No culture is supreme, but some some are bizarre like the video below. In China, some clan feels completely okay for a brides boobs to be pressed at the wedding reception to raise money. This would  never be allowed in Nigeria, from the brides family to the grooms family. In Nigeria to raise money at Read More


Nigerian Soldier Dies In Car Crash 22 Days To White Wedding. A Young Promising Nigerian soldier, Lieutenant S.E Ayo has died after he was involved in a ghastly car accident, Just 22 days to his wedding ceremony. The ugly incident is believed occurred last Saturday 11th of November, 2017 at a yet to be disclosed Read More


  And you believed their lies? And you are now acting it out? Right! So you are now all stressed out, worried, discontented. How absolutely foolish of you do that! Who told you that you would amount to nothing, that your case is hopeless and that you have nothing to offer! Oh my God shut Read More


I posted something on boys sometime ago, someone thought i should do on girls, so here we are..  i think the hardest age for any women is btwn 24-30. At this stage you are expected to have figured out your life, oh yeah…you got a tiny little family of your own, husband, kids , even Read More

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