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What does love mean?

Hi guys, here is me feeling cool yesterday talking about love. What does love mean and what does love mean to you? Happy watching and please do drop a comment. Read More

Impossible is nothing

Believe in your own individuality and go ahead and live your dreams. Impossible is nothing. Read More

Starting small: the dietems story

Yesterday I was up close and personal with the proprietor of dietems international school on the occasion of their 20 years anniversary. The first thing you will notice about madam is her humility, smile and her unwillingness to be called boss, that’s why she have had 3 teachers who started with her 20years ago still Read More

Conversation with Seinye

Seinye a Harvard graduate is a business woman based in port harcourt, a philanthropist with at least 6 companies still in operation to her credit so she is coming with a wealth of expedite. Mrs seinye O. B. Lulu Briggs in giving back on her 60th birthday yesterday here in the city of port harcourt Read More

Love your children equally and unconditionally

He sat in court, holding his hand in his head and weeping quietly. Those around him looked at him in pity and those who did not know the reason for this, wondered why a grown man was weeping openly. For Mr. James Jackson, his life had just crumbled before him like a pack of cards. Read More

Throwback to the Past.. The Nigerian story

David Mark, do you remember him? His last potilical position was the Senate President, that David, the one that was marked be watched. David Mark probably might have come from a humble background who possibly may not be born with a golden spoon in his mouth but he rose to stardom at the early stage Read More

Disability is a mind disease: Ex-UNILAG Beggar becomes a Lawyer

A former street beggar, Mr. Abdulsalam Idowu, heaved a sigh of fulfilment of a life ambition as he was called to the bar to start practising as a lawyer in Nigeria on Wednesday. Idowu, who defied odds to bag his law degree from the University of Lagos in 2015, had proceeded to the Nigerian Law Read More

Changing the Narratives of Benue State: The SORA Story

Would you believe this school is in Benue state, yes same Benue with media frenzy of killings by herdsmen. It’s called SORA, more on it later… but today they did their graduation for the year and the head girl in her speech said “If Dr and Mrs Adi had been selfish, this school would have Read More

Lessons from the Japanese!! Show me your humanity not your religion!!!

The ongoing worldcup, #Russia2018 continue to dazzle and leave the world speechless in many ways. Examples of extra-ordinary acts and lessons to be learnt many teams who were given no chance at the beginning seems to be taking the leads and several highly placed have found their way home. Talking about going home, Japan led Read More

Inferno!! Lagos Ibadan express way!!

Thursday the 28 day of June 2018 has been tagged #BlackThursday due to the inferno that broke out along Lagos Ibadan express way claiming  lives and properties. According to eyewitnesses, a tanker driver had lost control while trying to dodge a bus driver who packed wrongly. He had wanted to reverse, then hit culvert with Read More

Chance and time happens to them all

A story was told of how a certain man who lives in KADUNA state of Nigeria missed his blessings. The man whose name is  Jarfa was often heard calling out the Governor of Kaduna state El Rufai’s. He accused his government of massive corruption and misappropriation of fund through the Media Houses and social media Read More

Someday you will arrive

Someday, you’ll arrive. The thing you’ve fought for, slaved for, torn off limbs for… you’ll finally get it. Then? Then the ecstasy will wash all over you. That’s how it works, right? It’s the myth of fell-swoop happiness. The lie that has you back-loading your life to the point of collapse… pinning it all on Read More

Office politics, does it exist?

What is your thoughts on office politics? Is that a thing? Or just some non existent myopic thinking? Well for me I think it’s super heavily present in today’s work environment. The fact that people will always want to get ahead of others in other to achieve their personal goals and the fact that no Read More

Learning from the humble Crab!!!

Animals no matter how little is infused with lots of interesting attributes and attitudes some of which are directly replicated in higher animals like the humans a class myself and everyone else who is able to read this text belong to not excluding the handicaps. Guys, I give you the humble crab. Lets X-ray, is Read More

Eating all your tomorrows, today!!’

In 1990, Shina Peters built a house with N20 million naira; the same year Jim Ovia started Zenith Bank with the same amount. Today, you and I don’t have a room in Shina’s house but I have an account in Jim’s bank and probably you do too. Shina’s house was built in Iju Lagos and Read More

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