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Chemotherapy isn’t the only treatment for cancers: John Hopkins – Good news!!

Hey guys, it’s been a while, I know, have been super busy with the television job. It’s a daily show and a lot go in for production. Well, I thought I drop this here, let me know your thoughts as usual. AFTER YEARS OF TELLING PEOPLE CHEMOTHERAPY IS THE ONLY WAY TO TRY (‘TRY’, BEING Read More


Is it possible to have a body where it is impossible for disease to survive? Keep your answer to the above question handy while you allow me invade your mind a bit. To answer that question let me ask you another one. Have you heard about homeostasis? Yes? Oh No!!! Do not worry. Homeostasis is Read More

Buhari’s son Yusuf discharged!!

Breaking: the president son, Yusuf M. Buhari who was involved in a motorbike accident has been discharged, find here in the details of his discharge. Yusuf who was on December 26, 2017, enjoying a bike ride in Abuja came crashing, suffering a head injury, multiple fractures which knocked him unconscious when he overtook his friend. Read More

Benefits of the zobo drink/leaf.

Experts suggest that the general property of a plant: – fruits, herbs etc is directly related to its function in the body. Properties such as color, structure, shape can suggest what that plant may be able to do. Let us take carrot for example; cut through it what would be reviewed is something looking like Read More

Need for a glowing skin!!!

Read More

Chicken Pox; The story, The pains & the lessons

The doctor in the military hospital whom i have been assigned to see that morning smiled sardonically,  then with compassion in his eyes he lowered his voice and stated, you have been given a raw one beautiful, its chicken pox and their is no cure, you have got to wait it out. Hmmm, how long Read More


Here is what some of the students have to say regarding the monkey pox vaccine rumour in Port Harcourt. Read More


Vaccine Rumor cause stampede in secondary schools in Port Harcourt and some families are still looking for their children. In the early hours of tuesday, it went viral that some uniform men are trying to force themselves into schools, in other to vaccinate kids against monkey pox infection. Parents went frenzy in trying to retrive Read More

Military fall back- medical assistant withdrawn from anambra state

  The the federal government excercise through the military to provide vaccines against monkey pix was met with strong opposition in the state. parents were said to have withdrawn their kids from school for fear being administered the vaccines there has been speculation that the government might have a hand in the monkey pores virus Read More

Could this be a case of Monkey Pox?

Could this be the begining of Monkey Pox.. This man has been lying down here for two days now unmoved and hungry beaten by all the rains this weekend. He is on the road that leads to full moon in GRA just by lasmall resorts center. I notice him quivering and gave him panadol which Read More

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