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Open communication for SME’s

Many small businesses find it difficult to magange communication flow within their internal and extenal publics. This can impact on the progress of the business, on today’s episode of the “coded boss” i tried to highlight what small business owners can do to improve communication, insisting that open communication must be encourged. Happy watching, do Read More

Tax Implication: Third party use of your business name

In this age of side hustle, you may be the only one among your friends who is doing business and have the legal backing of the law, however from time to time, your friends may have contracts to execute and may request to route the project through your company name due to your experiences on Read More

Chisco Nigeria: the worst company to haulage your big consignment

Chisco Nigeria is officially the worst company to use and carry big product… They are okay to pick small items from Lagos and distribute to other parts of Nigeria, but if you have big consignment something as small as 10 bucket of paint, or even two cartoons of female condom owned by another customer, they Read More

Zero startup Capital

My name is Adaku Nwachinemere, I love swimming, making money, making friends and sleeping. Am an excellent networker but I have a very small intimate circle. To me, family is  everything, my brother takes most of my photo hehe… I don’t use a lot of flitters I don’t really care for fine photos that much Read More

Wisdom is profitable to direct

An old lady handed her cheque to a bank teller and said, “I would like to withdraw N500..” The female teller told her, “For withdrawals less than N5,000, please use the ATM”. The old lady then asked, “Why?” The teller irritably told her, “These are rules. Please leave if there is no other matter. There Read More

Social media and your business!!

The emergence of the internet saw to the growth of so many internet related activities which are highly appealing and  entertaining. One of such activities is the use of social media. Social media are plate forms that allow for social interaction. The use of sm has expanded as a category of online discourse where people Read More

Standing on principles!!

starting your own business is a call to adventure and the road to #adventure is a bumpy one, that’s why it’s important that you build your #business based on #principles. Overtime, certain principles have stood the test of time, over again in the cause of your growth you would be challenged to compromise on principles Read More

Leveraging on relationships

Despite the changing trends in business dynamics, businesses will always be about people, and when there are people it’s important to build strong affiliations and actually leverage on them for your  business goals and growth. There will always be someone that knows someone that’s knows somebody that you need to connect with, when you are Read More

Separate your business from your personal life

How many times have you lost a business deal because you missed a call from an unknown number and you refused to call back for the fear that it is someone that is calling to beg you for money or other favors. As a business person many of your friends and family may only remember Read More

Enhancing your business with “Brainstorming”

Do you shake your head from side to side and say you are brainstorming?  Haha… that’s not what I mean but if it works for you fine!!! Today’s business world is fast paced, if you do not find creative ways to reinvent your offerings, the product or services that you offer to your clients, you Read More

Clear communication and documentation

Man is naturally a communicating animal and expresses themselves through communication and sometimes they forget the basis of agreement or the communication may not clear from the beginning and thus can breed friction and contempt. To avoid this, most importantly for business people, it is important that you communicate clearly and find ways to document Read More

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