Social media and your business!!

The emergence of the internet saw to the growth of so many internet related activities which are highly appealing and  entertaining. One of such activities is the use of social […]

Someday you will arrive

Someday, you’ll arrive. The thing you’ve fought for, slaved for, torn off limbs for… you’ll finally get it. Then? Then the ecstasy will wash all over you. That’s how it […]

Office politics, does it exist?

What is your thoughts on office politics? Is that a thing? Or just some non existent myopic thinking? Well for me I think it’s super heavily present in today’s work […]

kids for the road !!

Are we going too far in trying to help our children get started at things in life? It’s Our Job To Prepare Our Children For The Road Not Prepare The […]

Learning from the humble Crab!!!

Animals no matter how little is infused with lots of interesting attributes and attitudes some of which are directly replicated in higher animals like the humans a class myself and […]

What is your excuse!!’

I was raped at the age of 9 yet am one of the most influential women in the world” – *Oprah Winfrey!* “I didn’t even complete my university education but […]

Prince Harry and Meghan

Reflecting on their union. She is simple, yet elegant and have a voice of her own. He is gorgeous, Prince Charming down to heart and with the deafening voice of […]

Standing on principles!!

starting your own business is a call to adventure and the road to #adventure is a bumpy one, that’s why it’s important that you build your #business based on #principles. […]

The world is mine

Reading through my messages, someone mailed it to me, he had no idea who wrote it, but the beauty didn’t let me keep it to myself and I decided to […]

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